Medical info is the Medical app that provides all information about Medicines used for medication: uses, dosage, how to take, side effects, precautions, drug interactions, missed dose and storage.
In this app, you will get all information about medicines and tablets.
You can use Medicine info app and get the right information about medicine and tablets.

App Highlights:
– Check All Medicine name and uses.
– Check Detailed Medicine guide including the brands and generics.
– Check the Medication prescription for various diseases.
– The Best App for the house with facts, doses and overdose information.

This Medical info App is the fastest stabled application for the check medical info or medicine inquiry this medical info provide every basic detail about your application

This app will help you to know about every Diseases and Medicine for that. You can easily know the Solution of Diseases instantly.

For Medicine Inquiry. It is the best way to inquire about your medicine, you have one more Benefits t. For viewing in your language simply after loading the Page, then choose your preferred Language.
With thousands of drugs and brands, we understand having a beautiful layout and quick access to information is equally important. 

Information provided in this app is for educational purposes only and cannot be substituted for any professional medical advice. For any medical advice and prescription, please consult a medical professional.

NOTE – We are gathering information from the Third-party and showing it without any modification. In the case of serious disease, we highly recommend consulting with the medical professional doctor.